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Foreign capital in Ukraine consulting.

Sadko Consulting is working on the different capital markets in Ukraine.

We are venture capital experts and are looking forward to work with venture capital investments in Ukraine. Ukraine’s local investment capital  is quite low, this origin of investment capital are funds of local business people and this capital is quite inflexible and sometimes even incompetent.

Foreign capital firms are not widely presented in Ukraine and at the same time capital firms of Ukraine are not active enough due to lack of available funds and clear ways to fundraising. The capital raising in Ukraine often goes through the banks and should raising of capital through the banks failed the projects become non implemented, the availability of alternative financing is quite low. Here are capital partners in Ukraine that make just around 60 venture capital deals per year.

Capital management in Ukraine is often made by individuals by depositing in bank and major part of capital consulting in Ukraine is performed by front office for individual clients of the banks. Capital consulting for companies and international capital in Ukraine are the field, where Sadko consulting has necessary expertise and this will allow, institutional investors and profile companies, the representatives of US and EU capital to make in Ukraine a profitable investments using our capital services. Capital advice in Ukraine is quite narrow sphere nowadays, but at the same time our capital advisors in Ukraine are successfully providing services for foreign companies. According to our prognose, growth capital in Ukraine will have such a boost due to big number of seed stage deals in last few years.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sadko Consulting should you have any questions regarding investments in Ukraine. You can learn more about our services and about us, to make sure we will provide a professional service. Look at existing investment opportunities here.


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