Welcome to "Investment Ukraine" internet platform, where you can find selected investment opportunities from Ukraine

What is a platform?

The platform is a web site where interested in a business acquisition or participation in investment projects, investors can easily, quickly find investment opportunities, investment and job seekers show their project to potential investors around the world.

Why need a platform for investors?

For the investor – is a kind of online store business opportunities. When you create, we were inspired by such successful projects like booking.com, LinkedIn, Apple Store, CrunchBase. People involved in the business, appreciate the time and enjoy the convenience. We pay special attention to investment opportunities, published on the platform and the decision to publish or not the project reserve. We have a design verification procedure in order to prevent fraud and other threats to the investor. In addition, investors can add information about the intentions to invest, and applicants can see this investment criteria and to try to meet this criterion.

What he gives applicants investment?

For candidates of investments is a free opportunity to show their project or business for sale not only Ukrainian, but also foreign investors. The site not only has the EN / Ukr version, but the full English, we are making a big bet on foreign visitors and successfully engage we need foreign audience.

What project can be added to the platform?

The aim of the investor – to make a profit from the investment. So if a profitable project – we will definitely add it. The platform is arranged in such a way that covers the entire “market” and the filters can be adjusted from the business idea or start-up of heavy industry. Investment Ukraine – it’s a business project for businesses and entrepreneurs, so we do not add a non-profit real estate and various assets such as non-profit land. In addition, the questionable and obviously illiquid assets we do not add.

How does the platform allows you to earn?

Adding investment projects and applications from investors for free. Our business model involves the commission from successful transactions for the project. In addition, we provide a range of consulting services in the framework of applications from candidates of investments and investors, many of our clients need such advice to increase the investment attractiveness of the project.

What is the function of the platform administration?

Apart from the purely technical functions, in fact Sadko Consulting performs the function of business brokers and consultants. We are not a real estate agency; The purchase and sale of business and investments are not only important location and condition of the facility, there is a lot more factors, especially given the fact that many investment opportunities is not as “material”, such as in the field of IT or trade that “love” investors. In order to make the project understandable to the investor, it is sometimes necessary to bring it to mind, is the work of our consultants

Is there any progress and completed projects?

Of course, we are especially proud of the success of the project implementation with the participation of foreign investors, the details can not be disclosed in view of confidentiality agreements, but now in the Odessa region, a project for the production of food for export, with the participation of French investors. There are achievements in work and in the domestic market.

What today offer applicants investments and investors what they want?

Frankly, they often want different. In Ukraine, a lot of illiquid assets that are not wanted, they go steady flow, it is necessary to refuse many. In addition, the stability of many job seekers who want to make their problem – the problem of the investor. But there is absolutely brilliant ideas and projects that we have a lot of talented entrepreneurs, such as time and need investors. Foreigners interested in our agricultural companies are looking for opportunities to reduce the cost of production on the territory of Ukraine (for example China), there are requests from the investment companies that are interested in a purely financial investment (private equity funds, securities transactions).


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