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Farm land in Ukraine

Farming in Ukraine is one of the leading sectors of economy

Ukraine’s land area is the second largest in Europe

Farms can be placed almost anywhere in Ukraine, because Ukraine has 67% of fertile land.

It’s obvious that ukraine land are attracting investors that have intention to do farming in Ukraine. We exclusively represent the owners of Ukraine farms. We try to select the most better located farms.

As well, we are able to propose the land for sale in Ukraine, should you’re interested in purchasing land plot for manufacturing or warehouse facilities. If we back to the farms in Ukraine, we found this type of investments so promising as it is underrated. Ukraine farmland will allow you to make a high crop yield. Taking land  in Ukraine will allow you to make profitable investments through value raising and placing of profitable business facilities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sadko Consulting should you are interested in our services in frame of land for sale in Ukraine. Our team are consulting and investment professionals, and one of guiding principles is flexibility.


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