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Fraud warning

Following information published to help the people to protect their self from fraud actions and people claimed that they represent LLC SADKO. Established on 2015 LLC SADKO – globally represented investment company, providing consulting and brokerage services in sector of capital investments, buyouts, merges and acquisitions fully owned by founders of LLC SADKO. LLC SADKO do not provide banking services to people and companies.

Under no circumstances LLC SADKO and it representatives do not sent the e-mails or making phone calls, asking people for an information that may consider as banking secrecy. Moreover, please contact the officers of LLC SADKO, under the enquires from LLC SADKO claimed to send bank essentials, money deposits or collecting information as banking essentials, personal identification details and passwords. You may consider that that people are taking part in fraud or “identity theft” and shall be reported to respectful government agency.

Official site of LLC SADKO is going only on http://investment-ua.com/ domain, but cooperates with http://www.slsua.com/. LLC SADKO do not connected with the mass of other web sites that may considered as similar to its official site. You may get the access to LLC SADKO web page, typing the above-mentioned domain name into the search field of your web browser or pinning the genuine web site. We recommend not to access to web site through the hyperlinks, provided in e-mails and web sites of unknown origin internet search engines and pop-ups.

Should you receive the suspicious messages or identify the any suspicious web sites, that consider to be connected with LLC SADKO, please contact site administrator through the e-mail on info@investment-ua.com..

Consult information: suspicious behavior.

LLC SADKO collects the messages regarding the suspicious behavior or fraud actions, including bribery, corruption and exercise undue influence, involving officers and spoiling reputation of LLC SADKO and immediately passes the declaration into respectful governmental agencies.


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