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Agriculture in Ukraine

In recent years, Ukrainian agriculture has reached a stable positive dynamics, the country is increasingly stepping up agricultural production. Almost completed the formation of the structure of production and the system of its organization.

Agriculture of Ukraine is one of the most important sectors of the economy

 – it provides 8.2% of gross value added

 – employs more than 3 million population

 – used fixed assets worth more than 100 billion USD.

 – operate almost 56,500 businesses.

 – used 21.6 million. Ha of agricultural land.

At this year’s autumn sowing farmers spent more than 4 billion dollars – 20% more than last year, which will provide a record harvest in the next year.

According to the level of grain production Ukraine is one of the leading country in the world.

Ukraine is constantly expanding its exports of agricultural products, increasing the rate and volume of deliveries to foreign markets. The export of agricultural products grew by 34% and amounts to 12.5 billion dollars. Domestic farmers with the assistance of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food rapidly expand export geography and learn new foreign markets. For example, in 2012, Ukrainian exporters have entered the markets of Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Also this year, the export of agricultural products to the EU countries exceeded the level of supply in the CIS.

Due to successful foreign trade and the growth of gross agricultural products, the agricultural sector of Ukraine remains one of the key fillers budget.

At this point in this area are conducted under the supervision of the reform of the leading European organizations. In 2014, the EU lifted import duties under the Agreement on the establishment of a free trade zone.

The dynamics of commodity exports to the EU shows that in countries such as Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic Ukraine occupies most of the imports in the agricultural sector – grains, fats, oils, oil seeds and fruits of plants, mineral fuels.

There are all prerequisites to believe that in the next few years Ukraine will become a major supplier of agricultural products.

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