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Medicine in Ukraine

After the changes in the law and simplify bureaucratic system we can talk about such specific innovations as medical insurance, equipment modernization, improvement of working conditions for doctors . The state has started already to change the legal framework.

To date, it is not clear what the health budget will be in 2015, but we certainly can say that the system of public funds will change. For example, now in hospital funding is allocated to the number of beds. This is wrong. After all, in clinics congestion, doctors perform a different number of operations, but the official rate of all specialists the same. The state wants to introduce a system where the work of the doctor will be paid by the number of patients he observes at the moment. Naturally, the patient will be able to choose the doctor himself.

Hospitals become autonomous. Direction of each clinic who knows their needs, will decide to what spend money.

Today, everyone understand that medicine in Ukraine is paid. It is very important to create a contractual relationship between the patient and the hospital. People will pay money officially, and it will get better service and the best conditions. Billing of each service will establish the Ministry of Health, and all should know prices.

Transition to insurance medicine will become possible after the introduction tax reform, changes to the system.

Prices of medicines in Ukrainian pharmacies forty percent higher than in Georgia. This is because the system of registration of drugs in Ukraine is very bureaucratic and corrupt. The state is going to simplify this system. For example, drugs that already have an international certificate of quality (quality of drugs is confirmed in Europe or the United States) should not pass additional tests in Ukraine. If remove this and other unnecessary procedures, the cost of drugs should be below 30% in 2015.

Since the end of 2014 tenders for government purchases of drugs and vaccines transferred to international organizations: the WHO, UNICEF. Preparations will buy directly from producers through e-procurement. This will help ensure the transparency of the procedure.

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