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Agricultural enterprise in the Lviv region

Person to contact

Senior Investment Advisor
Mobile: +380487894012
Office: +380482349290

For sale is agricultural enterprise in the Lviv region.

Characteristics of the enterprise:

– for rent is the land of  40 sq.km, 17 sq.km of them  are registered in 2013-2014 for a period of 10 years    and 23 sq.km are in the registration process.

–  Payment for land-shares is 3% without reference to yields.

–  Land capability is 45-60.

–  there is possibility of optional  land expanding (20 – 30 sq.km).

–  The enterprise operates on a fixed agricultural tax.

Stable high rainfall in this region, allows to obtain high yields in comparison with other regions. Land seeded mainly with industrial crops.

Type of crops, which cultivated in this region:

 – Basic – rapeseed soybeans, corn, sugar beet, sunflower.

– Secondary – wheat, barley, millet.

The enterprise has no debt and  no encumbrances.
Total price: 1 200 000 USD

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