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In Odessa port is constructing new modern grain terminal

According to the plan of strategic development, Odessa port is increasing the capacities. At the last meeting of the Board of the Odessa sea port was approved the project of creation of compact grain complex in the rear of the 7th Odessa sea port berth with the capacity of 70,000 tons.

The complex to be able to accept grain cargoes from railroad and tranship them.

The terminal is designed with modern technologies and used by the port transshipment equipment was made in the USA.

A distinctive feature of the complex comparing to the existing port will be the use of modern sealed transport networks and storage facilities for handling and storage of grain, dust suppression technology, which provides the use of food and refined deodorized oil for dust binding.

Modern dock loading equipment ensure a minimum fall speed of grain in the hold, and the absence of dust as such. From the viewpoint of ecological and environmental indicators new grain terminal will have similar characteristics as common container terminal, but, according to certain parameters, even better in the case of absence of internal combustion engines in technology.

The launch of the grain terminal will provide job creation and flow of investments in the Odessa region port business sector and increase of tax income to the city budget.

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