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More than 700 Business people and social activists of Odessa and region participated in event. We developed and presented the ways to develop the region to Mikheil Saakashvili.

Sadko Consulting representatives participated in strategic session of Odessa region and presented the vision of region development to Mikheil Saakashvili, the new governor of Odessa region.  Particularly they actively generated new ideas on the special section, devoted to investments.

The main presented ways were:

Establishing of independent investment promotion agency in Odessa region.
Establish the special fund for investments guarantee
Highly and duly promote Odessa region in the World’s media.
Announce the international contest for the head of abovementioned IPA
Host the international investment event in Odessa (forum, summit etc.)

Daniel Osypenko, managing partner


Vladimir Chervyakov – senior investment advisor

Sadko consulting expresses the readiness to participate in implementation of abovementioned points. We are looking forward to other major changes in approach to manage the region of Odessa.

Here is the other main info regarding the event and the way it was organized.

The huge hall was assigned to zones, each of which is discussed such topics as tourism, science, anti-corruption measures, the agro-industrial sector, quality of life and many others. Each participant can offer idea and discuss it. With regular intervals, participants were reversed by choosing new topics and participate in their discussion. The main requirement for discussion – the perception of other people’s opinions.

As a result, for each of the priority clusters were selected 10 needed to implement projects that would help the development of the region as soon as possible. TOP 10 proposals were taken into account.

After all accumulated after more than 8 hours of brainstorming, information was collected, systematized and processed, the participants shared to Michael his plans for the coming months. Namely: replace staff Odessa Police; to abolish the monopoly of sanitary office and fire inspection; defend the placement of the Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odessa and again customs office like In Georgia, where the customs procedure time is about 7 minutes.


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