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The bigger and bigger interest is coming from American business, during the discovering of Ukraine.

On July, 13 in Washington D.C. was big international conference U.S. Ukraine Business Forum. This is the first event of such a scale, directed to forming of business relations between Ukraine and US. We are discovering Ukraine to the World and demonstrate its opportunities. – the deputy head of Administration of President of Ukraine.

On event went the delegation of top Ukrainian officials, headed by the Prime minister of Ukraine. The Americans were very surprised. Never before, 15+ ministers, diplomats and other top officials, fluently speaking English, such precisely worked over the building of trust relationship with American business. They arranged the dozens of meetings until the late night. Tried to understand the real problems of investors and help with solution.

On the sidelines, the Americans mentioned that the predecessors, if goes to international forums at all, visited one-two meetings and then went to have a rest.

Probably, they simply do not understand the sense of similar events. Why the needed to have a constant talks. Endless meetings that will not give any immediate result.

The bigger and bigger interest is coming from American business, during the discovering of Ukraine. The one of the biggest consumers market in Europe, the platform for agriculture companies, the origin of unique aerospace technologies and huge intellectual potential.

We managed to surprise America and start the long-term relations. We spotted on radars of America business. That do not mean that they immediately will start construction of plants in our country. However, they can start market researches, consider proposals and take into account investments.

We managed to attract the interest to upcoming privatization. Investors asked about infrastructure projects, agro, IT and telecom companies.

Obviously, by gaining the trust of business, we pledged to justify it. They will looking forward to reforms, tackling corruption and real help in development of economy. And we will justify them.

By materials of eizvestia.com

SADKO CONSULTING appreciates the results of Ukrainian government, reached within the forum and looking forward to implementation and developement of discussed projects and initiatives.



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