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Placing on the platform investment-ua.com investment project or to sell assets

If your project or assets meet the criteria that investment- ua.com exposes to accommodate, we will publish your project within 3 working days.

Selection of projects or business for sale on the criteria of the buyer (investor)

if there are no platform investment-ua.com projects or business that meets your criteria, as an investor. We will pick up as soon as possible investment opportunities

Promotion of the project among our foreign partners (investors)

If your project meets internationally recognized investment criteria, then we properly represent potential investors willing to invest in Ukraine. 

Additional services


Development of an investment package of documents for the investor according to international standards

In the world practice have developed clear criteria for the registration and disclosure of important aspects of investing. A well-prepared documents by our consulting company sadko.consulting help increase the chance of selling the business on more favorable terms.

Pre-sales audit business, legal and financial due-dilligence, valuation of business

Taking advantage of this service, as the seller and the buyer to protect themselves from the risks that may arise in the negotiation process and thus influence the successful conclusion of the transaction. Specialists consulting company sadko.consulting help carry out all the necessary operations for the business check.

Post-support in doing business

After the acquisition of assets in Ukraine, it is very important to develop a plan of strategic development of the company, study the market and develop a marketing strategy to optimize the organizational structure of the company. In this aspect of the consulting company sadko.consulting experts are ready to take on the post-support for doing business in About us Investment Ukraine.

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